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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yesterday's adventure

Well! Yesterday, I had my weigh in. -11lbs!! I am soo proud of myself, my fiancé took me out for an early birthday dinner which was fabulous.. I cheated a little, but had a a french onions soup, steak.. I had a slice of a butternut squash, half of a slice of cheesecake. (my daughter ate more than me) and a Cobb salad! Okay, I messed up, but truthfully, I usually give myself a great once a week. I am a firm believer that a diet can't be successful if you are unhappy with it. Because I let myself slip up on occasion, it's more doable for me. I didn't eat even half of my food!! I brought half my steak, and salad home, (I let my daughters eat the bad thing leftovers LOL they had their own food too don't think I'm that cheap) and didn't even touch the potatoes on my plate!

I am proud of myself, especially because I didn't have a perfect time.. But that's still awesome! I am going to look into the raspberry ketone supplement you can get (and yes, I will make sure I am happy with the ingredients.

I have stopped relying on the protein powder for breakfast, doesn't seem to work for me! Now I know :)

Anyways, that puts my total loss up to 41lbs!!

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