However did you come to be here?

Friday, November 9, 2012


I have been truckin' on.. This lifestyle is interesting, it's so simple. I am starting to embrace the more simple things.. My house needs to become simplified. I used to think I liked knick knacks and trinkets, now I think I am over run by junk!! I want to trash it all!! DP probably does not share my views, but wow! I just want to throw everything out! I want a new start to my new life, these objects are burdens just like this extra 100lbs encased around me. I wish to shed myself of both!

But when? When so I have time for me? Let alone for a massive undergoing such as a giant purge. I need to set a date, give the kids to MIL and just do it. Sigh, I don't know!

I wish I had someone to help me! I am not organized but I want to remove as much as I can so I don't need that much organization skill haha!

The 6th was my birthday, it was a bit of a bad day, My sister came up from Brampton to spend some time with me.. She bought me lunch.. So I had a bad day. I'm hoping I am back in ketosis now, though, I have been super strict, and will be until my weigh in. I hope the few bad days I had didn't ruin these two weeks. But, as I've said before my "bad days" now are way better than the "good days" I had before!!

Right now I am snuggled up on the couch with my two year old.. We are sharing three blankets, as she watches her favourite show. I am so happy right now.

Now, should I get up from this lovely warm spot with her, and clean? I should, but spending time with her one on one seems more important. Ahh.. Maybe when they go to bed tonight!!