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Thursday, February 21, 2013


So.. Last weigh in?? -3lbs fat.. +2lbs water +1lbs non fat mass

So, the scale stays the same. That -3lbs fat is okay though, but not leading to me of my goal of 50lbs by June. Still have 37lbs to go.. I am trying to step it up! It's been hard, I've been suffering headaches almost daily lately, I don't dig it.
I have a doctors appointment on the 26th so I am going to bring this up to her.

I need to do today's workout and am feeling so unmotivated, my kids have been rotten and ugh! Just unhappy with that.

I did get some awesome news though I am going on a trip at the end of the month with my sister . Totally going to ruin my eating plans, but gonna attempt to goto the gym daily there to make up for it. Here's hoping I don't gain anything!

So my total weight loss is sitting at -66lbs..