However did you come to be here?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I conveniently skipped march! Why?

I went to Cuba!! So I lived on bread and alcohol for a week LOL. Yeah. Not my shining moment, but I really did not like any of the food.. I tried their salads and lets just say I only had one bite, and that was enough of that.

I have been writing up a bunch of recipes which I will share eventually! With pictures! Delicious pictures. Aside from my week in Cuba, I have been pretty much on plan. I have no official weigh ins since my last post, sadly.

The clinic I was going to was in Newmarket, well, they're closed now. So I've been waiting for my fiancé to get referred so we can both do the plan, and go on the same day!

I am excited, I'm feeling like I'm not losing any weight at all, so I'm not too sure.. I am kind of feeling sad, because I am sticking to plan, but ugh! I just want to cry cause I'm so trying, but not been super active thanks to depression, and a cold. I know it's a crap excuse. I want to get outside, but the damn weather is working against me. Ugh.

Anyways yeah. Offices weigh in on the 11th, I'm curious to see where I'm at.