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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weigh in day!

Well, I'm only down another 3lbs! Which brings my total weightloss down to 30.5lbs!

I am a little upset but happy that it was a loss, and not a gain! The next two weeks I really need to shape up! I don't need bad habits! I had a salad at McDonald's today.. It was that, or don't eat.
My mommy is down visiting from Quebec for the week, which will be nice for the times when I would be alone and dying for a treat! She will be there to be extra accountable to. I had a bad week. I need to be extra strict!! I can continue, and I will lose more! I still haven't gotten my hair cut, but when I hit 50lbs down, I am getting a new purse!! Haha!

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