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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day after weigh in!

I am down another 7lbs, putting my total weightloss to 49lbs..

I am very happy, but can't figure out what my overall goal weight should be. All the paperwork says 160lbs or so for my height. I don't think that's really feasible with how much skin I will have left.. I am already looking pretty droopy. I am really hoping that in the next four months I can lose 35-40lbs.. I don't know if that's a realistic goal, or not! I really really hope so.. That will put me around 235 (depending on what I actually lose) and I want to start running hopefully at 230lbs!! I have a slightly bad knee, and with the winter deep freeze setting in, it's just not something I can do at this weight and in the winter. I would love to get a treadmill, just so I can get some walking in until then.. Maybe I will be able to pull some funds together to get one for myself.. :s

Anyways, I am still chipping away at this weight! Hopefully doing some good. :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Lazy Parmesan chicken breast

Okay! Another quick recipe! This one is great cause there is really hardly any effort but it tastes fabulous!

Two to Three chicken breasts
1 tbsp of olive oil low fat mayonnaise
2tbsp of Parmesan cheese
1tsp of olive oil
pepper to taste
Optional - garlic, chili flakes, or lemon

Mix mayo with Parmesan, and oil.. Season chicken breasts, place them onto a greased pan, spread the paste of cheese on top, then bake at 400 until the top is crispy and golden brown (about 30 minutes, but it really depends on the thickness of your chicken). You could sub the mayo for Caesar dressing, sour cream, cream cheese, or even Greek yoghurt!

Happy eating :)

Btw, the picture has roasted carrots, and roasted potatoes; this was a photo of my kids' dinner.. I don't eat root vegetables :) but roasted carrots are amazing 400 for 40 minutes (or until they are brown around the edges) just toss em in olive oil, salt and pepper. Potatoes were prepared the same way, with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese instead of salt.

Sweet chipotle beef recipe

Well, I have a recipe! This was thrown together at the last minute, but was absolutely fabulous!

Sweet Chipotle Beef
(Seared beef, on top of spinach, and green onion in a sweet chipotle sauce)
Serves 1
6 pieces of stewing beef (I believe it was from a eye of the round roast- since I eat my beef rare, it did not get tough, if you like it well done, use a more tender cut of beef, or actually stew the beef.. I'd recommend in beef broth with a chipotle pepper)
3 cups of spinach
1 green onion
1/2 of a chipotle pepper (in adobo)
1 tsp of olive oil
1 tsp of red chilli powder
1 packet of Splenda (or whatever sweetner you choose)
And a splash of water (beef broth would be better; I just had none!)
Half salt and pepper to taste

(For rare/med rare beef) heat oil in pan on high, brown beef on all sides, remove from pan, lower heat, put spinach chipotle, splenda and spices into pan, add a splash of water.. Cook until spinach is tender, put meat back into the pan and toss.

If you are going to stew it for well done beef, just cover the beef in low sodium broth, maybe toss in half a chipotle if you want some extra spicy, bring to a boil, then drop to low heat and simmer for an hour or maybe longer depending on the cut of beef.. Then do the same thing with the already stewed beef!

Would be great served on cauliflower rice (blitzed cauliflower, then steamed) or regular rice if you're not low carb!