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Friday, October 12, 2012


Thanksgiving was horrible for me. I was doing good... Until I made some sweet potatoes for my DP! Then the next day i made an apple crisp... So I messed up. I'm back on track, and that's what matters, I suppose!

I have been really busy, my kids have both decided to become little bundles of complete terror!!! Last night I almost gave in to a glass of wine due to them making me cry a few times throughout the day..
I made a bunch of breakfasts up for the week(think crustless quiche) I have been anti mornings my whole life, so having babies and having to make two different breakfasts in the am is not something I enjoy doing.

The wonderful thing about this diet is you can eat! You'd be surprised though at how little I snack now that it has to be a healthy snack! Though... I'd eat a piece of that apple crisp for a snack right now LOL.

I am going to a baby shower on Sunday.. Going to try very hard to stay on plan.. At worst maybe a little phase two.. My doctor said I'm almost there, which is alright! I don't think I'll fully switch to phase 2 though, maybe every few days!

I am a bit afraid of my weigh in next though.. Ahh weigh ins are always scary!

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