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Friday, October 5, 2012


I had a weigh in on the 2nd of October. I also got a new phone on the same day!
It wasn't a great day for me.. I lost 5lbs fat, but gained 2lbs water.. So the scale only moved 3lbs. I was told not to worry so much as losing weight is not the important part; it's losing fat! Well, that's 5lbs that will never come back!!

I had a bad day after that weigh in.. The phone I wanted was no longer a promotional 0 dollars with a contract.. So I got an iPhone 4s instead! I'm. Or an apple fan.. But here I am! I was feeling sorry for myself and DP took me out for chicken wings... I didn't eat like 10lbs or anything. But had like.. A pound. Ugh! And a little cheesecake at some function we went to at the car dealership.

I went back to strict phase 1 again! :) I hope I can pass the 30lbs lost mark next weigh in.

Weight loss so far 27lbs!

I still need to get my hair cut for passing 25lbs!!

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