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Friday, September 28, 2012

I survived.

I survived the month at my MIL's house. It was very hard, but now I am home. While being home sounds great, and all.. I am so busy. I have so much work to do, and two children who stop at nothing to make sure it doesn't get done. Or, like yesterday, I epoxied, moved hardware, hung, and leveled my kitchen cupboards.. When I was finished I turned around and it was 8 o clock, and the kids had completely TRASHED my house. They went to bed half an hour late (needed baths) and it took me 'til midnight to clean up their mess.. Then I went to bed, and was awake until 4am. I got up at 8:30am this morning. This not sleeping thing is getting me, too.

I keep forgetting/skipping meals, it's really not on purpose.. It's just been hectic! The kitchen is almost put back together, with the exception of my table/chairs.. Which I can't wait for, 'cause sitting on the floor/standing at the counter to eat really isn't nice. There's still trimming, and other finishing work that needs done. I need to rig up a cupboard door, and invent three more.. In time, right? :)

My next weigh in is on Tuesday, October the second... Ahh. That's only a few days, I hate the few days before the weigh ins, they are always so stressful for me. I know I have been good, since being home though! I did have a few drinks the other night (vodka, and lemon lime mix sweetened with splenda).. I know you're not supposed to drink on this diet, but I kept it as Poon friendly as I could.. I've had a rough month, I needed an unwind. I had a great time, and helped DP shampoo our "new" used couches.. I also cut a rug and danced like a mad woman. I love dancing.. I may or may not have done the "gangnam style" dance.. LOL. I'm just worried that I sabotaged myself by skipping dinner and breakfast (replacing them with protein shakes, at least),  I hope that doesn't affect my weight loss. If I lose less than 6lbs I will be sad!!

My starting weight was 321.5lbs, I was 24.5lbs lighter at my last weigh in. I miscalculated before!!! I'm an idiot, haha!

I'm enjoying a coffee while my children pull out all my pots and pans and make a mess, and you know what? It's amazing.

Positive thoughts are key, wish me weight loss luck for Tuesday!

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