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Friday, August 3, 2012

Day one..

Yesterday was my first appointment at Dr. Poon's Metabolic clinic.. Very interesting, to say the least.

My first weigh in was most horrible. They have a scale that tells you how much you weigh, how much is fat weight, and how much is water. They're also courteous enough to give you a print out of this info, hah. I also had to do a test to see how my metabolism is.. Apparently it's high. I'm not sure how I have a high metabolism.. But, that was my result.

They also have a store, which is full of snacks and things that comply with this diet. Phase 1 pretty much is no carbs, no sugar, no (bad) fats and NO SALT. I am so missing salt already!! I have my next appointment in two weeks, I am going to pick up some things at their shop, just to make this a bit easier.

My first real "goal" is to lose ANYTHING. My predicted weight loss is around 90lbs.. I can only hope that it works for me.

Today, I had to pick up a bunch of things. My fiancée was surprisingly supportive, and was patient as I read 600 labels.. Lots of spinach, lettuce, and (non root) vegetables..

I can do this!
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