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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day after weigh in!

I am down another 7lbs, putting my total weightloss to 49lbs..

I am very happy, but can't figure out what my overall goal weight should be. All the paperwork says 160lbs or so for my height. I don't think that's really feasible with how much skin I will have left.. I am already looking pretty droopy. I am really hoping that in the next four months I can lose 35-40lbs.. I don't know if that's a realistic goal, or not! I really really hope so.. That will put me around 235 (depending on what I actually lose) and I want to start running hopefully at 230lbs!! I have a slightly bad knee, and with the winter deep freeze setting in, it's just not something I can do at this weight and in the winter. I would love to get a treadmill, just so I can get some walking in until then.. Maybe I will be able to pull some funds together to get one for myself.. :s

Anyways, I am still chipping away at this weight! Hopefully doing some good. :)

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