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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Been MIA lately..

I have been SO AWOL, I am sorry. Living at my inlaw's has been trying to say the least, I have had a lot of bad days where I ate some crap. It's just so hard, and I get soo stressed out. DP is now working, which means I am home alone here all day with these people, which makes it even harder. I have no car, and it just.. sucks! There are not even any local parks I could escape with my kids to.. I have a weigh in on Monday, and I'm terrified. I know I haven't done good these last two weeks, and I feel like crap.

Had some more issues up at my house, someone tossed brand new roofing nails all over my driveway.. MIL filed a police report (this is not the first time nails have been tossed in my driveway) and I think I am not getting my mail now.. Seems like someone is TAKING IT. UGH. I hope not.

I can't wait to get home, and start putting my life back together, 'cause I'm seriously living second to second and just.. am EXISTING instead of living, I hate it. I wake up every day counting down the minutes until bed time, then I go lay in MIL's bed room until 2-3am, DP comes home at 4am, and wakes me up to talk to me.. Then I have to get back up at 8-9 am. The days are long, the nights are long, and I am sinking into depression. My FIL is a dumbass, he is just.. UGH! I don't like him. I get along with MIL pretty well, but I don't think she really likes my parenting style, but that's fine by me. Both her kids didn't turn out great, so LOL at least I'm doing something different! HAHA..

Now for a giant "I LOVE CARBQUIK" advert, with crappy cellphone photos!

Well! I got my first box of carbquik... The first thing I did upon coming "home" (and I use that term lightly as I am still at my in-law's house) was make some BISCUITS! They were buttery and delicious.. I put in two tbsp of butter, which is a no no on this diet (it is supposed to be low fat..) but .... I just wanted to make it "less bad" and MORE GOOD. Each biscuit had like 1.5 net carb per serving. OMG FABULOUS. Carbquik is a 'carbulose flour' I have found many awesome uses for, but... Can't fully explore until I get home.

 My first carbquik pancake,  (1/3 cup carbquik, one egg white, splash of cream, and water) it was the best pancake I've ever had! I picked up some Waldenfarms pancake syrup-- it's terrible!! Tastes like chemical crap.. I won't buy it again.

NOW! This was a delicious thing of beauty... My first attempt at a crustless quiche.. It was 2egg whites, one whole egg, 1/3 cup of carbquik, a bunch of spinach, some sliced up pork loin, a bit of cheese.. cream, water.. bake for 30 minutes...   Omg, my recipes suck LOL BUT! They taste amazing. This was like... the best thing I've eaten since being on this diet.

I am tired of rubbery egg whites. I just... would be happy if I never had to eat one plain again.. I found a solution. I'm going to call these "fluffy eggs"... Because the carbquik has leavening in it, I put a tbsp in my regular egg white omelette, BAM! Puffed up into this lovely fluffy thing. I filled it with a pan full of spinach, green onion, green pepper and some UNALLOWED red pepper. MIL picked up red peppers for me not knowing I couldn't have them, so I am eating them because I hate wasting food, and because I don't want her to feel bad!

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