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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Today I am weak, I have no energy.. My limbs are heavy, and while the muscles in my legs are tender from yesterday.. It doesn't feel related.

Kind of strange, I hope it passes. I'm digging deep just to stay awake right now. I didn't even go to any hassle to make delicious food, lol. I had an egg on top of spinach (I didn't even put pepper on it lol) and I had tuna, spinach, cucumber and a little mayo mixed together for lunch.

Last night sucked!! My fiancée makes this fabulously delicious pasta sauce.. Like, it blows my mind how good it is. I didn't get to have anyyyy omg. I didn't even TASTE it! So sad.
My girls went nuts eating it! They love it, too. My eldest had two bowls, and my youngest had three!!

I had planned on doing some resistance training while my youngest has a nap today, but my energy is so low, I am postponing until after they go to bed for the night :) maybe I should have a little nap.. I might feel better (or worse!)

I wonder if I am getting sick, or something! We'll see.. First weigh in coming up.. I really hope to see some improvement 'cause I have NOT cheated!

*crosses fingers*
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