However did you come to be here?

Friday, August 31, 2012


Well, things progressed very fast at home when I came to renovations.. I am currently staying at Jay's mom's house. It's very hard to stick to the Poon lifestyle here! Breakfast and Lunch are easy enough.. Dinner is the hard one! She cooks dinner.. So she has been really really trying to keep things "safe" for me, but I know it's not really.. I don't want to be mean and tell her otherwise. I just put the meat she makes on a giant pile of lettuce or spinach. I'm having a very hard time resisting snacks, though.. Yesterday I had some popcorn.. The other night I had nachos (I went to the movies for the first time in three years..) ... I have not had anything bad today!! I am just screwing myself.

Cheating implies I am getting away with it, I am most certainly not! Even if no one else knows, it's only hurting me!!!

Staying here is soo stressful. I must keep busy and stop eating badly.

Today's breakfast was an egg and spinach with hotsauce. Lunch was three lettuce wraps with mustard, hotsauce, left over roast beef, green onion, green pepper, and radish. Dinner is steak and salad.

I'm currently being cried at by a 13 month old.. Save me..
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