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Monday, August 27, 2012

My first real "bad" day.

Well, last night I was up 'til about 4:30am, completed my kitchen and bathroom demo.. It was hard work!
I stayed on plan all day yesterday, too.

After my whopping 4 hours of sleep, I got up to the contractor knocking at my door. My kids weren't even up yet!! So, we had to get up, booooo!! Jay (my DP) went and bought some coffees for us, and muffins for everyone (except me, obviously).

I packed up my things from the kitchen the night before, so it's not like I could make anything for myself for breakfast. I wasn't too upset, truthfully. The plan was for me to Jay's mom's house while they finish the work there, so I packed up a weeks worth of clothes, diapers, and what I had left of meat and veggies.. Anyways, I got out the door FINALLY by 12:30pm or so. As I got on to the highway my lips started tingling and began to go numb. I also started feeling panicky (I suffer anxiety attacks), I figure my blood sugar was low.. I had nothing I could eat except some muffins! So I had some muffin, and ate a granola bar when I got to MIL's house.

Then I cooked a proper lunch (egg white, pork loin, green onion, and spinach with a tiny shake of parmesean, and some hot sauce)..

So I am feeling super guilty, and am mad at myself.. Which is making me want to eat more crappy food! Ugh!! I've drank a litre of water since then.. Going to start on another 500mls soon.

I've also had a headache since before I started eating Dr. Poon's way..
I'm laying on MIL's couch watching The Wiggles with my girls, and listening to the rain.

Gotta stop feeling sorry for myself. Just a bump in the road, I will keep going!!

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