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Saturday, August 25, 2012

low budget go to meals

 I thought it was about time I added some photos!
This isn't a real blog until there are PICTURES! Ha!

Here we have open face cucumber "sandwiches", topped with extra light cream cheese, garlic, and chicken. Salad is baby spinach, homemade caesar dressing, and the extra chicken that didn't fit on my "sandwiches".

This was the first time I made this; WAY too large of a serving. Didn't finish the cucumbers, saved one for later! Very tasty.

Another great goto, chicken, cauliflower, and broccoli on salad! I don't remember what I used as a dressing here, I think a touch of light caesar, with oil and vinegar.. Romaine lettuce, and lots of chili flakes! Yummy! The chicken, and veggies were cooked in the same pan, with a bit of no salt chicken broth, and some various spices!

Are you sensing a theme here? These are all lunches by the way.. This is chicken "SOUP" chili oil was all over this, and I swear I was sweating. I just cooked broccoli, chicken, and spinach all in broth, added a touch of low sodium soy, and chili oil. I made my chili oil, and didn't think it had sat long enough. BOY WAS I WRONG. I added WAY too much.

All in all, I eat a lot of chicken, spinach, and broccoli!
Next month will be different, 'cause I'm more aware of how this works, and what I like/don't... I'm excited for some new ingredients, so I can have some darn variety! :)

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